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Aminio Acid series

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Aminio Acid series

Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer——Seaweed extract >8%, N+P+K> 200g/L, Humic Acid>30g/L, Organic Matter>=250g/L, PH: 6-8, Density; 1.2KG/L
Liquid Amino Acid Fertilizer——Alginate: 60g/L,N+P+K: 200g/L,Amino Acid: 100g/L,Ca: 30g/L,Humic Acid: 30g/L,Organic Matter: 250g/L,PH: 6-8,Density: 1.2KG/L
Amino Acid 50% Powder——Water solubility: 100%, amino acid: 50% mini,Nitrogen: 21%,P2O: 0.5%mini ,PH:5-11
Compound Amino Acid——80%Water Solubility: 100%, Appearance: light yellow, TN≥13.5,Amino acid nitrogen≥13,Cl-≤1.5,Moisture≤5 Organic Matter≥90,Amino acid≥80, Phosphate:0.5-2,Potash:0.1-1, Sodium:1-3

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