China initiates re-assessment of registered pesticides
Recently the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals of the Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) held a workshop in Heilongjiang Province to initiate the re-assessment of 5 registered pesticides - 2,4-D butylate, bismerthiazol, aluminium phosphide, carbofuran and carbosulfan.
The workshop participants had exchanges on the hazard of 2,4-D butylate, environmental impact and toxicity data of bismerthiazol, safe use of aluminium phosphide, safety risks of carbofuran and carbosulfan. More detailed discussion on the re-assessment procedure was conducted to ensure a smooth going and timely completion of the re-assessment.
Ye Jiming, the Vice Director of ICAMA said that China’s re-assessment of registered pesticide has moved onto the right track, emphasizing that re-assessment should focus on the pesticide hazard, target resistance, environmental impact, quality of farm product, and the safety of human and livestock.