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Sea extracts Series

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Sea extracts Series

Seaweed Extract Powder——Alginate≥18%, N≥1.5%, K2O≥18%,P2O5≥4%, I≥500ppm, Mannitol≥0.5%, Solubility≥99%, Fe≥2%,Moisture≤1%
Liquid Seaweed Extract——Alginate: 10-12%, N≥1%, K2O≥2%,P2O5≥4%
Seaweed Foliar Fertilizer——Alginate≥90g/L,N≥64g/L,K2O≥67g/L,B≥12g/L,OM≥135g/L
Seaweed Root Fertilizer——Alginate≥90g/L, Root agent 150ppm, N≥77g/L, P2O5≥15g/L, K2O≥67g/L,B≥11g/L
Seaweed Precious Fertilizer——Alginate ≥30g/L, N+K2O≥135g/L, B≥12g/L, Organic Matter>=380g/L, Indolebutyric acid≥15ppm, I: 720ppm, Mannitol≥0.5%, Betain≥42ppm, Ca≥1.2% PH:4-8
Seaweed concentrate Liquid——Seaweed extract >10%, N>50g/L, P>10g/L, K>110g/L, Organic matter 300g/L, Indolebutyric acid> 750ppm,B+Fe>15g/L.
Seaweed Soluble Fertilizer——Alginate acid>100g/L, N+P+K>200g/L Organic matter>220g/L, Fe+B+Zn>10g/L
Seaweed Mushy Fertilizer——Alginate >2%, N>80g/L, P>5g/L, K>45g/L, Organic matter >23~25g/L. Trace element>1%.
Seaweed Granular Fertilizer——N-P2O5-K2O>7%, Organic Matter:30%,SeaweedExtract>5%,Microelement>1%

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